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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

I cannot express how appreciative I am for this place. Doctors thought I had a disease and Dr. Longo refused that theory and told me he would fix me. After 3 visits, I felt amazing. He helped me physically and mentally overcome so much! I call him magic. I will continue to go and reccomend his services to anyone with an ailment. Check him out! You wont regret it

Emily Z.

Dr. Longo is fantastic. He cares so much about his patients. After my first appointment, he reached out personally to see how I was doing. I have continued to go back for regular check-ups as needed, but he doesn't push some crazy plan or a magic number of visits. His staff is friendly and helpful. Conveniently located in Lincoln, I'm never far away from feeling great!

Ali G.

Went in expecting a good adjustment...left with a whole new understanding of what "holistic" means. My back feels WAY better & I'm seeing strong improvements in other areas of my life as well.

Mike M.

Great experience at Longo Chiropractic. The staff is friendly and cares about their patients.

Chris H.

Dr. Josh is awesome! Super down to earth, and didnt feed me a bunch of useless info. I’ve been adjusted by him for the past month or so now, and I feel fantastic. I initially visited him to see if he could help speed up my recovery from bells palsy, and had such a great experience that I decided to keep up regular visits to a chiro for the first time. Thanks Dr. Josh.

Nick & Shannon B.

I began seeing Dr. Longo for upper back and neck pain after being in a car accident. My discomfort from this eventually subsided under his care, but I continue to see him for ongoing stress & tension related to work. I always leave his office feeling refreshed and realigned! He creates a friendly environment, he’s very knowledgeable and he genuinely cares. My quality of sleep and quality of life have significantly improved under his care.

Allie E.

I have been a patient of Dr. Josh for the last 15 years. He has managed and advised me on both old and new injuries perfectly. I also see Josh for routine maintenance, of stress, wear, and tear. He has a great working knowledge of anatomy and physiology, coupled with his additional experience as a bartender and sports involvement is most helpful. I have been tending for 18 years, he knows exactly where and why I hurt, and how to fix it. Last but not least he is very gentle and patient, no

Amil O.

Dr. Josh is a savior! I had a stroke 2 years ago and I’ve been doing what I can to make the right side of my body work the same as my left, but with Dr. Josh’s help, I know I will get there. He’s very thorough in his approach and takes the time to understand how you’re feeling, how you’re progressing and what else can be done to make further improvements. He’s exactly what I needed at this point in my recovery and I will be forever grateful to him for his help!

Nadine K.

-Excellent Chiropractic Healer- Dr. Longo is not a 'run of the mill" chiropractor but rather a sensitive, well-trained healer of many maladies. He takes the whole person into consideration when he adjusts and does it in a very natural healing way. I highly recommend him for the first line of defense with any bodily malfunction as well as for regular tune-up maintenance. Nov 9, 2019

-Very pleased- I am very pleased with Dr. Longo. Not only does he adjust my back and neck, he can also help me with my dizziness and queasiness in my stomach. My blood pressure is now stable without medication. If you have questions or concerns, he will call you back as soon as he can. I have recommended him to many of my friends. Sep 24, 2019

-Patient- I visited Dr. Longo with extreme kidney pain. To my surprise, after the treatment when I left Dr. Longo's Office, kidney pain was reduced. By days end, the pain was entirely gone. Thank you, Doctor. Gerold Voigt, Lincoln. Sep 16, 2019

-The best!- I can’t say enough about the excellent care and sensitivity Dr. Longo provides to each & every patient. My sciatica issues are almost non-existent now. Aug 1, 2019

-Whaaat?!?- Frozen shoulder can be helped by Dr. Longo! So impressed with his technique, his kindness and compassion! I'm a believer! Jul 19, 2019

-Very happy- Dr. Longo has been great with our 6-year-old for tummy issues! Very patient and thorough. Great with kids! Jul 18, 2019

-Dr. Josh is amazing- He not only does he help relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, but he also helps me understand what is going on with my body. No mean feat. Jun 4, 2019


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