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Healthy Foods, Healthy Body

When it comes to chiropractors, you probably think about back cracking and how certain techniques and exercises can strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. If you're visiting your chiropractor for your regular session, the primary focus is going to be on the way you're moving. Your chiropractor may ask you questions about what kinds of activities you're doing at home and what kind of discomfort you're experiencing on a regular basis.


But it's not just movement that matters when it comes to building a healthy body. Dr. Longo at Longo Chiropractic wants the people of Lincoln, CA, to know that the right foods can make all the difference. 

Making Long-Term Changes 

If you're struggling with anything from lower back pain to neck pain in Lincoln, CA, nutrition can have a lot to do with how you work those kinks out. It's hard for many of us to connect our diet with muscle pain, largely because these changes are so gradual that they almost don't register with us. In fact, we may not even notice until we pull a muscle! 

The more nutrients you take in, the better your body is going to function. However, the improvements are unlikely to be apparent from right off the bat. It can take just as long to build back up as it took to break it down. So, if you've spent 10 years with poor eating habits, a month of good behavior will only help so much. 

Breaking It Down 

As discouraging as it can be to think about long-term changes to your eating habits, there's no need to become frustrated before you even start trying. Eating better foods will take a major shift, but you can start with adding in fruits, veggies, and whole grains to your diet. Instead of taking foods away, you're giving yourself permission to add to what you already eat. It can be as simple as eating a salad before your regular meal. Leafy greens, bright apples, and seedy breads are perfect for fighting off everything from inflammation to joint pain and are welcome additions to all almost all diets.  Once you learn to enjoy those foods, reducing unhealthy foods will be easy.

Augment Your Sessions 

Dr. Longo at Longo Chiropractic in Lincoln, CA, understands just how debilitating muscle conditions can be. It's why we strive to help everyone who walks through our doors lead better lives. While coming to the chiropractor is definitely a smart move if you want to keep your body in tip-top shape, you can get even better results if you're adjusting your lifestyle when you go home. From rehabilitation exercises to enjoying whole foods, you have the power to do more for yourself. Contact us if you have questions about the best types of food for your body and how you can incorporate them. 


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