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End Of Summer and Visiting a Chiropractor

The End of Summer and Visiting a Chiropractor

It’s the end of summer and it’s time to head back to school. With the virus slowing down too, many people are headed back to work, mostly in offices. Sitting in a school desk or an office chair can hurt your back and neck. If back or neck pain is affecting your everyday life, and you live in or around Lincoln, CA, contact Longo Chiropractic today to find the pain relief that you deserve.

Many people play sports during their summer break and unfortunately injure themselves because they don’t stretch properly or fall during a game. The first response is to go to a doctor and get medications to relieve the pain. A chiropractor can provide pain relief without the use of medication or invasive procedures such as surgery.

What Chiropractors Treat

A chiropractor is great for relieving pain stemming from a back or neck injury, we can also relieve headaches as well. Chiropractors can perform adjustments that are customized to your needs and can relieve headache pain by treating the cause, which may be anything from tensed muscles to poor nutrition.

Many people also experience painful and swollen joints. For joint issues, we recommend that you ice the problem area, and while that does often work, it may take some time to recover fully. Our chiropractor can massage the muscles around the joints and use ultrasound technology to reduce the swelling, speeding up the recovery process. We can also teach you proper stretching techniques so that you can avoid reinjuring the problem area in the future.

Chiropractic Care in Lincoln, CA

Back, neck and joint pain can ruin your day. Don’t let the pain take control of your life. Call Longo Chiropractic in Lincoln, CA, today at (916) 581-9600 to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.


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