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Mind/Body Wellness Connection

Explore the Mind/Body Wellness Connection with Your Chiropractor 

Have you ever felt as though doctors are ignoring major problems? That is because they fail to make the wellness connection. They want to prescribe you medication that deals with only one aspect of your health. They’re not making a mind/body connection. By visiting Longo Chiropractic with Joshua Longo D.C. in Lincoln CA, you can learn more about the Zone Technique and how healing can take a holistic approach.

The Importance of Connecting Your Mind & Body

The human body is complicated. When you have aches and pains, it’s usually because there’s a root cause. However, many doctors don’t want to address the root cause. Instead, they just want to help you make the ache or pain go away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help you in the long run.

By visiting a chiropractor, you can learn more about your body. When your body is feeling its best, it puts you in a better mindset. Similarly, when your mind is in a good place, it can help your body from feeling stress and tension.

The way that you get to where you need to be is by making a mind/body connection. You can self-heal when you make this connection.

Understand the Zone Technique

Dr. Longo has been practicing the Zone Technique for years. Each zone controls a variety of different aspects of your body. Zone 1, for example, is the glandular system. It’s where memory and energy and sleep is controlled. It can help to regulate your appetite, making you feel better across your whole body. Knowing the zone that’s impacted and providing the necessary spinal adjustment can have a considerable impact on how you feel all over – and that’s what you can expect when you book a session.

Book Your Appointment Today

You might be surprised by all that you can gain from our chiropractor in Lincoln, CA. Visit Longo Chiropractic with Joshua Longo D.C. today to make a wellness connection that can impact the rest of your life. You can discover how a holistic approach can help your mental and physical health. Call (916) 581-9600 to schedule your appointment today so that you feel better in your daily life.


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